Canada Day Fireworks - 

The HLCA has continued advocating for the annual Fireworks event  attempting to safely continue this tradition and wonderful family event during a very tough situation of the world pandemic. Your HLCA Board will  actively work with Dysart for required permits allowing us to proceed providing the appropriate risk mitigation practices are put into action and that we as a community follow the protocols of the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Health Unit. 

Your HLCA Board would like to inform the membership that we are postponing the Canada Day Fireworks until the August long weekend.  The New Date is July 31st at dusk (approx 8:45 PM).   

The HLCA is working with the Dysart et al. Fire Chief and the Haliburton Health Unit to make sure that we are meeting the Provincial Re-opening guidelines.. HLCA is asking for volunteers to assist the Fireworks team so please contact Brent if interested 


The Fireworks event is normally open to inviting our residents and cottagers to gather and observe from our Public Beach however due to the public safety mandates and HLCA risk mitigation, the Public Beach and Park will be closing at 3 pm the day of the fireworks to respect the limit in public gathering size. No spectators will be permitted at the Public Beach and Park and we ask that folks do not congregate on Hodgson Road, the South Bay bridge or the boat launch without social distancing and the use of masks as appropriate.

You are invited to enjoy the Fireworks display from your docks, if you are fortunate to reside close enough for viewing, but the vast majority of you will be required to observe from your boats behind the temporary observation safety markers. Dysart has also requested that boats observing the event do not participate in rafting, (tying boats together) and boats stay within the public safety distance of 2 meters or more apart. 

In order for the Fireworks event to be a success in terms of both public enjoyment and public safety, your HLCA Board and the various authorities who granted us the permit approvals are formally requesting that we all apply common sense while observing the fireworks event in the approved areas such as your own dock or on the lake. Please do not exceed the public safety gathering numbers on your properties, practice social distancing and remain proudly vigilant in wearing masks to protect others around you.  In addition please ensure you are back from the line of bottles placed in the lake for safe viewing. We will have someone monitoring the water boundary line asking folks to remain behind the line.

This is an important event for us this year, it is so especially important for everyone to be diligent in applying reasonable common sense practices when observing this coveted event.

Below we are asking for volunteer help to set up and operate this event in the following Areas,

  1. Set up and recover the boundary line in the lake using empty water jugs

  2. Monitor the boundary line ensuring boats remain back and if required using a walkie talkie contact the firing team to suspend the fireworks until folks have time to return behind the boundary

  3. Setup and remove a snow fence across Hodgson by the rocks to permit the beach to be closed off and secured and

  4. Monitor the Public Beach for adherence of no spectators at the Public Beach.

Fortunately, we have two volunteers to take on items 1 and 2 but are looking for volunteers for items 3 and 4, all these volunteer roles must be filled for the event to take place. Anyone interested please email

fireworks map.jpg