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Our Swimming program teaches all five strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, elementary, backstroke, and sidestroke), promotes fitness and endurance, and gives swimmers lifelong skills to be safe in, on and around the water, including while boating.  Our instructors are Red Cross certified and strive to make the classes fun and enjoyable for their students.


When do swimming lessons Begin and End?

Classes are purchased by the session (Mon –Friday) and begin every Monday at 9 am for 7 weeks. This years sessions run every week starting Mon July 5th continuing until Friday August 20th. Levels are passed as the student completes the required skills but generally take two sessions (10 lessons) to completed.


How much are swimming lessons and where are they?

The cost of lessons is $40 per child per session for paid HLCA Members and $45 for non HLCA Members.  Registration is available online ( or every Monday at 9 am at the public beach. The public beach is located at the south end of the lake on Hodgson Rd just after the bridge before Wilson Heights Trail.


What levels do you offer?


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